How It Works

Suppliers and Investors

These are providers of fulfilment services such as project management firms, engineering and construction businesses, businesses in manufacturing and retail, and international sources of investment, which may include investment managers, fund managers, IGO funding, and international aid providers.

When suppliers and investors register to become members they provide their company details (including staff numbers and business areas) and specify their particular interests (e.g. countries; sectors).

Developed Africa


These are the people who are encouraged to put their specific development opportunities and needs on the site and include African community representatives, entrepreneurs and locally based businesses as well as NGOs, IGOs, charities, and government agencies.

After they have registered, they are able to provide a detailed summary of any opportunities they want to post to the website. This includes any evidence they have of its viability or the existing support it enjoys, as well as a business plan and other relevant details. Registration on the website is free to these users.

Developed Africa


Members of the African diaspora and others with an interest in Africa and development, but no specific objectives in supplying, investment or opportunity provision are able to register as guests.

Once they are registered, guests are able to comment on Developed Africa’s posts, to receive notification about events and other updates which might be of interest to them. Registration on the website is free to these users.

Developed Africa