GM Crops and their Controversy in Africa: Part Two

by Developed Africa 17. September 2013 09:00

Following yesterday's post, we look further into argument for the use of GM crops in Africa

Another article about GM crops, also from the Guardian posits the argument that "opposition to GM crops is a "farce"", arguing instead that it has gone through rigorous testing, and is proven to be safe to use. However, it is important to recognise that this argument comes from the organisation AGRA (see our posts from last week), a company which greatly supports the use of GM crops in Africa, as they are working alongside a GM conglomerate. 

Teresa Anderson, international advocacy coordinator for the Gaia foundation has said of AGRA's most recent report that it:

clearly indicates their full support for GM crops, and their intention to use their influence to open African doors for Monsanto's and Syngenta's patented GM crops"

So it is easy to see that any argument for the use of GM crops may support it for business reasons, i.e associations who are supported by GM businesses, and therefore will support the cause because it makes business sense,, and makes them more money. 

However, we should also take a look at the actual benefits that GM crops are claimed to bring to the table. They induce faster growth and resistance to pathogens, thus allowing for bigger crop yields than are currently seen, and would, in fairness perhaps help to combat African farming problems, as well as solve the world's food issues if they were used across Africa. 

Having looked at the positives, it is evident that whilst there might be a lot of benefits to adopting the use of GM crops across Africa. But issues and worries still remain, and if the EU have not accepted their usage, African countries should not have to feel pressured by large conglomerates or institutions from the US into using them. 


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