Technology and Investment in Africa

by Developed Africa 25. October 2013 09:00

Due to a recent article from the BBC News website, we look into the reasons that tech companies are investing in Africa.

The advances in technology being made and used across Africa to support development is incredible, but it is interesting to look at the incentives behind the different technology giants in their approach of Africa. 

It is clear from many of the actions taking place through large technology corporations that it is not just self-interested, but the moves they are making are actually helping to improve communities and developing technologies to push forward the development of the continent. Looking at the recent unveiling of Samsung's "digital village" for instance, it compiles everything needed for a rural areas to develop with technology and to grow and improve. 

The critical need for alternatives to the current electricity shortage problem has prompted us to develop products, under our Built For Africa umbrella, that capitalise on the sun's energy and today we once again demonstrate how we are using our core business strengths as an enabler to positively impact lives"

This is evidence of technology development and production not just for the company's benefit and gain, but it is done in order to improve people's lives. 

Similarly, when we look at the interviews undertaken in the BBC report, it shows that business sense and gain is being mixed well with social responsibility and a desire to improve development levels.

For example, the interview with head of Microsoft's 4Afrika initiative, Fernando de Sousa, showed that their programme to increase access to technology and training for workers is:

not just about networks, it's not just about PCs. It's about the end economic impact, it's about the skills"

The initiative is there to improve worker's capabilities and make them more able to deal with the changing technological advances that will inevitably come into play in their job. Ofcourse, it is equally benefitial for the company providing the training and computers, but it should be noted that the moves they are making are definitely have an element of social responsibility and wanting to improve people's situations, as well as the continent's overall development. 


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