Technology in Africa

by Developed Africa 13. November 2013 09:00

We have written many posts regarding technological development in Africa, this one highlights the vast difference gap between the technology and poverty- but also how that technology will help bridge that gap.

As digital technology has advanced the costs associated with it have fallen as a result all the technology that has ever been imported into Africa is at the cutting edge, meaning that they have bypassed now redundant infrastructure intensive technologies.  This is a great advancement and solves a lot of problems for those living in rural areas, at reasonably little expense. Following our posts regarding the Bitcoin, it is clear that Africa is the best place for mobile technologies to prosper, and also where there will be the highest uptake. There is massive demand in Africa for transactions to be cheaper and easier, saving people time and money which will give them more time and information to allow them to improve their businesses. 

The mobile penetration in Ghana, which is now a lower-middle income country, exceeds 100%. Of a population of 24 million, 17 million people own a total of 27 million mobile phones."

However, despite the fact that many are able to make innovations and a lot of headway with technology despite a lack of education in the matter, a focus on proper computer and IT education is greatly needed; as argued by a tech-blogger from Ghana, Mac-Jordan Degadjor:

We need to start focusing on entrepreneurial skills as a topic within schools"

DevelopedAfrica is keen to promote a focus towards entrepreneurial skills being taught throughout schools in Africa, as innovation is what Africa needs to develop.


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